Advent calendar 2021 – 11 December

Our eleventh Advent calendar post 2021 is:

Today, we go back in time and visit Högom, Sweden. The chieftain of Högom is famous for his grave and the amazing items in it. The textile fragments in the grave shows sophisticated and specialised crafts, like the table woven bands with soumac in horse hair. Hopefully, we will have reason to return to those later, but today we focus on the cloak of the chieftain; more specifically, the tassels of the cloak. They are made with a red 2-plied wool thread and have a cute braid ridge on the flat side.

The cloak is dated to the 400-550 AD.

Today, you find the cloak in the collection of the Swedish History museum.

With red 2-plied wool thread you can make your own tassels in this style.

/ Amica and Maria

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    • I know that in the book of Mervi Pasanen there is a description. I shall ask if it’s also online. there are detailed instructions in the book Tablet woven treasures (Karisto & Pasanen), check that out

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