Embroidery kit- Skepptuna

Now you can buy our popular embroidery kit with animals from the Skepptuna gilded leather coverlet.

A kit includes:
2 wool squares 30 x 30 cm/ 1 x 1 foot- 1 red and 1 blue
gilded leather to be cut into strips + decoration details
white wool fabric for details
1 spool of linen thread No. 60/2
1 bag of talcum powder
1 pattern of chosen animal – on architect drawing film
step to step instructions with pictures

Price: 380 SEK + shipping
You can upgrade your wool fabric to plant dyed fabric, madder and indigo. Then the price for one kit is: 550 SEK + shipping

To order- send an email to historical.textiles@gmail.com 
Please tell what kit number you would like.