Mixed things

Sewing hook
The sewing hook can be used for sewing and tablet weaving. It’s very handy to use while weaving tablet woven edges onto garments. The size of the hook is approx. 6 cm long. It’s made by the black smith Skånska smeden.
The hook is made of iron and treated with linseed oil.
Price is 100 SEK/ 10 Euro

Bees wax (in pebbles, very good for making wax cloth)
1 kg 230 SEK

Bees wax (ice cube size for hand sewing)
1 piece 10 SEK

Wax candles
Short 30 SEK/ each
Long 40 SEK/ each

Gilded leather 
30 x 30 cm  450 SEK

To order- send an email to historical.textiles@gmail.com
Please add full address and the number of hooks you like to order.
Paying either with transfer to bank account or via PayPal.