Wool thread- plant dyed and natural

A box of wool yarn 20/2. 100m per bobin.

List of dyes/ pigments
White – natural 
Green- weld and indigo
Light green/ list yellow- weld
Yellow- weld
Dark yellow- onion skins
Orange- madder
Red- madder
Blue- indigo
Purple-cochineal and indigo
Dark pink- cochineal
Light pink- cochineal

260sek/ 26 Euro
Shipping in Sweden is 40 sek, shipping to rest of the world is 57sek/ 6Euro

To order email to: historical.textiles@gmail.com
Give your full address and if you would like to pay via Bank transfer or PayPal. When paying with PayPal- buyer pays the PayPal fee.
Don’t forget to tell us what number of the kit you would like to buy! 

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