Intarsia embroidery class

This weekend is full of intarsia embroidery. We are holding a course in Stockholm. The participants just skipped out for lunch and they are all very excited about getting started. Giving you some pictures of the samples they have made during the morning. 

Medeltidens huvudbonader – Visby 4 augusti/ Medieval headgear – Visby August 4

Under Medeltidsveckan föreläste Historical textiles på Kapitelhusgården i Visby.
Medeltidens huvudbonader var temat. Vi lovade att dela länken till vår Pinterest-album. Här är den! Ett stort tack till Anna, vår modell.

During the Medieval Week Historical textiles held a lecture at the Chapter House in Visby.
Medieval headgear was the theme. We promised to share the link to our Pinterest album. Here it is! A big thank you to Anna, our model.

Photos by: Åsa Berglund and Ulrika Pfeifer