V&A – London

Today we went to V&A. It was a short visit but we took some pictures that we want to share with you.

The Tristan quilt- dated 1360-1400

The Syon cope- front cope. And last picture. England. 1300-1320

Cope represented of the martyrdom of Saint- Germany. Silk on linen. 1310-1320

The Tristan wall hanging. Wool, leather and silk on wool. Germany. Late 14th century.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Hampton court. Stay tuned for more pictures

Amica and Maria

35/ 2018- Top of a sudarium

” The sudarium or, a cloth of fine quality to wipe away perspiration, or an ornamental handkerchief which was seldom put into actual use, but was generally carried in the hand as an ornament as was commonly done by people of rank in ordinary life, now formalized as a vestment, in liturgical use from the 12th century reserved for the bishop; the subcinctorium is a related ornamental vestment reserved for the pope.”
– Wikipedia

We would like to wish you all a happy weekend with a historical textile!
This week we show the top of a sudarium.  A sudarium is the cloth a bishop holds in his hand to protect the staff from sweat and dirt.

This sudarium top is in the collections of Historiska museet, Stockholm, Sweden. Originally it was placed on the staff of Thomas Beckert, the sculpture in the museum, originally from Skepptuna church – not the saint! It’s made out of fine linen with a leather backside ( now gone) and have a lovely woven silk band attached to it. Most likely woven in a rigid heddle.

The fragment dates to 1350-1500

Happy weekend!
/ Amica and Maria