Plant dye pigments and mordant

High quality madder that gives a really red dye.
The madder bath can be used for full colour and then as many times as you think it gives a colour you like.
Madder 1 kg – 380 SEK

Natural indigo from El Salvador or India. Please sate what kind of indigo you want when ordering.
100g/ 350SEK

Weld/ Reseda
Weld, cut.
1 kg 240 SEK

100g 280 SEK

Alum / Alun
1kg 200 SEK
0,5 kg 120 SEK

Cream of tartar/ Vinsten
100g 45 SEK

Sodium dithionite / Natriumhydrosulfit 
250g 283 SEK ( We do not send this product! Only shopping at our shop)

To order- send an email to
Please add full address and size of madder package.
Paying either with transfer to bank account or via PayPal.