21/ 2018 The weekend picture’s- Skog wallhanging

We would like to wish you all a happy weekend with a  historical textile.

This week we focus on a wallhanging from Skog church, Hälsingland, Sweden.
The church was built 1805 and the wallhanging was found in 1912 in the church. The wallhanging could have been an interior of an older church in either the neigborhood or from the old church in Skog.

Both the white warp and the weft is in linen. All the colored details are made in wool yarn. Woven with soumac weft. It’s dyed in red, blue, yellow and green. Madder, woad and reseda are the pigments that most likely have been used.

The wallhanging can be found in the collections of Statens Historiska museum in Sweden.
Here is the link to the object in the database. The wallhanging  is dated to 13th century.

Happy weekend!
/ Amica and Maria

All images subject to CC BY SA. Photographer: Historical Textiles, specified at sharing of images. Make sure to do the same with the pictures from Historiska

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