A glove from Kalmar

We would like to wish you all a happy weekend with a glove from medieval Kalmar, Sweden. It was found in Slottfjärden, the castle bay, during the cleaning of the bay in 1932-34.

The glove is made in nålbinding/ needlebinding technique. The yarn is wool and might be mixed with some fibres from cow or/ and goat. We can’t tell what stitch that have been used. And we are more then happy to take new close up photos if anyone might have a good eye for analyzing stitches.

The yarn is two plyed. The dating of the glove is “medieval”- possibly 13th- late 15th century. 

Today the glove is in the collections of Historiska museet in Stockholm.

Sorry for posting an old photo from the database, but we have misplaced our photos of the glove. We will add them when we find em again.

/ Amica and Maria

6 thoughts on “A glove from Kalmar

  1. So would I. With high-res photos it might be possible to trace the thread path. It would be good to see close ups by the damaged sections, too.

  2. It looks like the buttonhole stitch or danish stitch, but a photo closer-up would be nice to have!

  3. Looks like the buttonhole stitch or the danish stitch! Would be very interesting to see a close-up image.

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