In the dye pots

Sometimes we dye wool and silk. This is how a weekend can look like.  

The white handwoven wool fabric

  Goes in the mordant bath with some yarn. Alum 30%

The pre soaked madder have been soaking for 24h. And here it is in the bath with the mordanted fabric 

  We like to dye a lot when we are dyeing

  We never take out the madder before we put the fabric in. Gives more color that we BUT makes a mess after dyeing. 

  Ta da!! Red




At an earlier dyeing session we dyed yellow with onion skins and now it was time to dye some green. Blue on yellow will become green as you know. 



Right up from the bath.  


The collection: Wool x3, linen and silk taffeta. 


In one week- we are back at the dye pots.
Wanna buy some dyed fabric? Email us and we can talk about your ideas.

/ Amica and Maria

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