Advent calendar 20 December 2017

Our twentieth calendar post is an antependium in printed linen. From Tegelsmora church , Sweden.

Here we can see a close up on the print. The linen is woven in two shaft.

This piece is undated. But the print shows great resemblance with woven silk fabrics from 14th and 15th century.

Now in collections of Historiska museet, Sweden


5 thoughts on “Advent calendar 20 December 2017

  1. Do you have any more images of this antependium lining that you can share?

    The reason I ask is that my living history group does block printing and would like to recreate this particular design – so print in black ink and then “stain” (paint with glue tempera) the cloth with the other two colours.

    Sadly the only images are low resolution, black and white and don’t give dimensions, and I haven’t found a good description (best is from “Textiles and the origins of printing in Europe”, Donald King).

  2. I’ve just realised you are going to be at the CoStG event at Nykobing, so hopefully we can chat about this there … I’ll be there: we’re going to be block printing on linen

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