Advent calendar December 15th 2018

Our fifteen advent calendar post is, once agin not a textile but a textile tool, a rigid heddle is from Västkinde, Gotland, Sweden. It’s made out of elk horn.

It is decorated on both sides. The size is H. 4,7 cm , W. 4,5 cm.

The rigid heddle is dated to 1350- 1490 AD.

Now in collections of Historiska museet, Sweden.
/ Amica and Maria
Photo: Historical Textiles

2 thoughts on “Advent calendar December 15th 2018

  1. Just a thought could this design be used for tablet weaving too? The decoration on each edge is different so would help on turning the sequence required for a repeated pattern. My experience with tablet weaving is a bit limited I admit, but if you had a set of several i reckon you might be able to manage a narrow braid of reinforcing edges of garments. It would be interesting to hear your comments. Loving your page, and Seasonal Greetings from uk.

    • Hi!
      Thank you for your kind words!
      The corner decorations would probably get stuck in the warp. But they have a use for pattern threads

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