Advent calendar December 3rd 2018

Our third advent calendar post is piece of a decorative weave from the Oseberg burial, Norway.
The textile is made out of wool. We are not 100% sure about the fibre content of the warp, we suspect linen.

The ship, from where the textile was found, was built 820 AD and the grave was covered  834 AD. The ship was covered with clayey soil. This has protected the grave as clay-rich soil is very low in oxygen.

Now in the collections of Kulturhistorisk museum, Oslo, Norway.
/ Amica and Maria
Photo: Historical Textiles

2 thoughts on “Advent calendar December 3rd 2018

  1. OMG Maria! The fabric from 1,000 years ago looks like the beginnings of a Norwegian SKI SWEATER! I wonder if the designs emanated from the trees and branches that were everywhere, with of course flowers in the summer. Thank you, advent lady.

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