Advent calendar December 8 2019

Putting pieces of fabric together to create a larger fabric. That seems to have been more rule then exception during the Middle Ages.

Matching a pattern in the fabric was possible a luxury not even the highest nobility and the church could afford.

Here is a Danish chasuble from 1470-80 with some piecing that gives us a bit of a headache but also a smile of relief. If they weren’t perfect then, we reenactors can take a deep breath and let go of our modern eye too. The chasuble is made in silk velvet.

It can be found in the collections of the National museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
/ Amica and Maria

Photos: Historical Textiles- pease cred us if sharing

2 thoughts on “Advent calendar December 8 2019

  1. might reflect this little bit was donated by “x”
    or they had this lovely bit they just had to use on something .

    • When looking in the Livrustkammare- In Stockholm. Clothes from the 16th century were treated the same. We can’t think of any medieval garment that was not pieced. Even in the case with Queen Margaretas golden gown, that one even have two piece of another fabric.

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