Advent calendar December 9 2020

Today it’s a lovely embroidery made in silk. The embroidery covers a relic box. The box is made out of wood. Possibly a bent wood box since it’s round.

The embroidery is made by the nuns of the Birdgettine Order in Vadstena, Sweden. Split stitch, couched work and don’t miss to check out the cool ribbon, in red, white and blue, sewn onto the embroidery.
Dated to mid- late 15th century.

Today in the collections of The Swedish History Museum.
/ Amica & Maria

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3 thoughts on “Advent calendar December 9 2020

  1. Beautiful work! And the split stitching covering the background! In a way I wish it wasn’t so well preserved so that it would be possible to see how the embroidery was constructed with padding etc.

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