The Birka museum exhibition.

We have during the autumn and spring been working on some items for the Birka museum’s new exhibition about three Viking graves from 8-10th century,l Today was the grand opening and here are some photos from the exhibition.

It has been great to be part of the production and we would like to thank Strömma, Veronika Björkman, Linda Wåhlander, Historiska museet and all the other scientists and crafts people- no one mention- no one forgotten. <3

Amica and Maria

7 thoughts on “The Birka museum exhibition.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these!

    Can you pass along which three graves are the focus of this exhibition? I saw in your photos that one of them is Bj 539, Woman with Green Beaker. I am guessing another is Bj 581, the woman in the weapon-grave. But beyond that I’m in the dark!

    • Right you are!!
      I have forgotten the number of the grave with the men. It was excavated in the 80’s by Lena Holmqvist

      • Thanks; I’ll put Birka I back on the shelf then. 🙂

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