Advent calendar 25 December 2017

Our twenty-fifth and last calendar post is an embroidery in silk and gold. From Vadstena convent church, Sweden.

Here we can see a close up on the newly born baby Jesus and his mother Mary.

The embroidery is dated early 15th century.

Now in collections of Historiska museet, Sweden.

We would like to thank you all that have followed our advent calendar and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

/ Amica and Maria.

4 thoughts on “Advent calendar 25 December 2017

  1. This has been a fabulous calendar= mini-excursion through historic Swedish textile. I love the embroidered images but also the Vasa-found buttonholes! Thanks for your enthusiasm and scholarship.
    I hope you don’t mind the fact that you have been on the list of people I “follow” on my own blog, theswedishrugblog, which has a much narrower time period of about 30 years!


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