Advent calendar December 4 2020

Todays post is two painted saints on an antependium.
Paint on a plain weave, linen. Dated to the second half of the 15th century.

The antependium can be found in the collections of The Swedish History Museum.
/ Amica and Maria

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5 thoughts on “Advent calendar December 4 2020

  1. I’ve read that the technique used to add (at least the brown) colour is flocking; i.e. that the fabric is prepared with glue where the colour should go and that powdered wool fabric — a leftover from the shearing of broadcloth — was strewn over it. Do you not agree with this?

  2. I see. Thank you! I suppose they did not have the technologies for examining objects available today when they thought it was flocking. Do you know what the paint is made of?

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