Advent calendar December 5 2020

Today we would like to present an altar cloth woven in brocaded on the counted thread. Woven in linen. The pattern is today very white, but have a tiny, tiny, blue tint. It is possibly that the pattern originally was dyed blue.

The tablet woven band sewn to the edge is woven with 2 plied linen thread in the warp. 6 tablets set in VVV.
Dated to the 15th century.

Today in the collections of The Swedish History museum.
/ Amica & Maria
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2 thoughts on “Advent calendar December 5 2020

  1. Thanks, that’s a treasure of textile art history, and a lovely masterpiece. Pictures of the wrong side would be cool, so we could see the (french) ” flottés de trame”. (the thread linking two brocaded areas of the right side). I don’t know the english word. I can’t imagine knots like in embroidery.

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